What Is a Central Air Conditioning System?

What Is a Central Air Conditioning System?

Central air conditioning keeps your home cool, reduces humidity levels, and provides indoor comfort during hot weather. In reality, central air conditioning units allow you to adjust cooling, humidity levels, and energy consumption by matching output to demand. Keep reading if you’re wondering “What is a  central air conditioning system?” When it comes to a central AC system, cool air is circulated through a supply and return duct system. Supply ducts and registers (i.e.grill-covered apertures in the walls, floors, or ceilings) transport cooled air from the air conditioner to the dwelling.

What Is a Central Air Conditioning System?

A central air conditioner is similar to a large refrigerator for your home. In reality, it uses similar systems to a refrigerator. A central air conditioning unit, like a refrigerator, has a refrigerant that converts from liquid to gas and back to liquid. This occurs as it passes through a network of tubes that collect and emit heat. It gathers heat from one location and transfers it to another as it continues through this cycle. At the same time, it generates cold air in one place and transports it to another. An air handler, or furnace cabinet, is where cold air is delivered. This unit has a fan that distributes cooled air around your home.

Where Is the Air Handler or Furnace Located?

The air handler, or furnace, is usually positioned remotely, such as in a basement or attic. This appliance circulates cold air throughout the home using an air duct system. As room temperatures increase and decrease, one or more thermostats throughout the house function as the controls for turning the cooling system on and off.

Benefits of a Central Air-conditioning System

Central air conditioning systems pull air from your home’s rooms via return air ducts. Furthermore, the air is drawn through an air filter, eliminating airborne particles like dust and lint. The filtered air is then transported to the air supply ductwork, which returns it to the rooms. The compressor-bearing unit is positioned outside the home in these AC systems. As a result, the indoor noise level generated by its operation is far lower than that of a free-standing air-conditioning unit. This type of air conditioner is the most efficient way to circulate cool air throughout your entire home. Overall, central air conditioning is excellent for overall comfort and energy efficiency.

In Conclusion

A central air conditioner runs on electricity. During the hot summer months, when it heats up a lot, a central AC unit can consume a lot of energy. So the efficiency of the central conditioner can be a very important feature. If you need a central air conditioning system installation or a central air conditioning repair, contact Split Level Air Conditioning. We’re an air conditioning company in London that has been installing air conditioning in Surrey for over 20 years. We at Split Level Air Conditioning specialise in emergency repair and general repair for most air conditioning units in London and surrounding areas.