How Much Does Air Conditioning Maintenance Cost?

How Much Does Air Conditioning Maintenance Cost

We strongly recommend having your air conditioner serviced by an air conditioning maintenance company at least once a year. How much does air conditioning maintenance cost? AC maintenance will cost between £20 and £50 per hour for labour, plus the cost of any required refrigerant. This can range between £35 and £130. Is it worthwhile to pay for air conditioning preventive maintenance? The advantages of air conditioning service include increased unit efficiency and early detection of problems, saving you money in the long term. You can’t keep a home air conditioner running on your own. Due to the complexity of elements within the unit, you’ll need to hire a professional to service your AC.

How Often Should a Home Air Conditioner Be Serviced?

The conditions of industrial buildings, offices, and residential premises vary substantially. Each scenario must be assessed on an individual basis. Also, if your condenser unit faces a busy street, dirt and filth will limit the unit’s effectiveness. In such cases, you’ll require service more frequently than usual. If your air conditioning system’s units are not cleaned regularly, their energy efficiency will suffer. Split Level Air Conditioning can provide a maintenance plan suited to your specific needs. Depending on the intricacy and environmental parameters of the application, these plans can differ from one visit to more. We service all brands of air conditioners. We charge £50.00 plus VAT for one interior wall mounted or ceiling cassette and one outdoor unit.

Service Charges for Air-conditioning Units

For simple tune-ups, regular AC maintenance repair costs between £60 and £160. Extended service contracts range from £120 to £400 and cover the entire HVAC system, including heating and cooling. Expect to pay £40 to £120 per hour for an HVAC expert for repairs not part of a standard service. A service call typically entails cleaning the condenser and doing a series of inspections to ensure that your system operates properly. Evaporator coil and duct cleaning generally are not included in standard AC tune-ups. The cost of recharging AC refrigerants ranges between £80 and £275. This isn’t something you’ll need to do every year, and it’s typically only if there’s a leak or a part has to be changed. AC service call prices start at £40 for an HVAC professional to come to your home. A complete HVAC system check, including your ducting and furnace, would cost between £160 and £360.

In Conclusion

Regular AC servicing can improve AC performance while lowering electricity expenditures. A non-serviced air conditioner may use more energy to deliver cool air. It may also fail to offer efficient cooling due to gas leaks. Split Level Air Conditioning can help you with your air conditioning needs. We specialise in emergency repair and general repair for most air conditioning units and HVAC systems in London and surrounding areas. We do air conditioning repair in Surrey and we can be on site for emergencies within 24 hours in most cases. We’ve been installing air conditioning in Surrey for over 10 years.