Is It Worth Repairing Your Air Conditioning Unit?

Is It Worth Repairing Your Air Conditioning Unit

Is it worth repairing your air conditioning unit? That depends on several factors. However, primarily it’s about whether you have the money to invest in a new unit. New air conditioning units are expensive compared to a simple repair that may get your old AC unit up and running. The most prudent decision should not be taken by intuition but by unbiased, independent advice from competent HVAC professionals, like those on our team at Split Level Airconditioning.

Is It Worth Repairing Your Air Conditioning Unit?

If your system is less than ten years old and the repairs to be undertaken are not overly expensive, it’s usually better to repair it. Suppose you have a regular servicing arrangement, and your air conditioner needs parts replaced every time a service is done. It’s a signal that your equipment is deteriorating. If you’re paying more for repairs, then speak to your technician about the potential for future problems.  The unpleasant reality is that there’s no simple solution. To get a solid answer to the above question, you may need to contact a reputable air conditioning repair service – Split Level AC is here to help.

The Overall Condition of Your AC Unit

It is essential to consider the condition of your unit as this may impact how often you will need future repairs. You don’t have a real issue if you have done regular maintenance and servicing since you purchased it. Also, if the AC unit is located where it will not be badly affected by weather, it is less likely to have problems. Additionally, if the outdoor unit faces a polluted area, you will require regular service. But if you notice minor problems regularly occurring due to the age of the equipment, consider changing your AC.

Contact an Unbiased AC Service Provider

Look for air conditioning services in London (HVAC firms) that offer new equipment installation and repair services. Rest assured,  they have no vested interest in recommending that you repair or replace the air conditioner. The advice you receive will focus on what is best for your situation, not what is best for the vendor.

How Do You Make a Good Decision?

Even if you have the best counsel, you must first comprehend the facts of the case. Then you can make a more informed decision on whether to repair or replace the air conditioner. Consider the following:

What Is Easy to Fix in an Old AC Unit

Despite their apparent gravity, some problems are ultimately inexpensive and straightforward to resolve. Most electrical issues fall into this category. In addition, if your air conditioner is generating an obnoxious noise, it can be fixed by a reputable AC technician. Other issues, such as refrigerant leakage, can go either way. You could quickly repair a minor leak.

What is Difficult to Repair?

However, if the compressor fails, especially on an older device, it’s usually time to replace it. The compressor is the system’s heart, and the cost of repairing it may not be worth it. Furthermore, a secondary issue can cause compressor failure. Usually, you will find these issues after replacing the compressor. Again, locating the source of several leaks on an older AC unit with corrosion on the coils can be costly.


Most non-commercial air conditioning units can last between 15 and 20 years. However, you should perform timely maintenance, repair, and install spare parts to achieve this outcome. To repair your air-conditioning unit, you should contact Split Level Air Conditioning, a 24-7 air-conditioning repair service in London. To find such a service close to you, search for “air conditioning repair Surrey.”