How Do I Know if My AC Coil Is Dirty?

How Do I Know if My AC Coil Is Dirty?

A dirty air conditioner coil, also known as a condenser coil, has a reduced ability to transmit heat to the outside air. Indeed, this can result in a less effective cooling system. When a person uses an air conditioner with a dirty AC coil, the machine may no longer offer appropriate cooling for the room or intended space. How do I know if my AC coil is dirty? In its most basic form, your home does not feel as cool as it should. When you face such an issue, you should reach out to a reputable air conditioning service and repair company.

How Do I Know if My AC Coil Is Dirty? What if You Don’t Clean Them?

As explained, dirt and grime on the AC coils makes it more difficult for your equipment to transfer heat. That means it must run longer and work harder to do its task, consuming additional energy that causes parts to wear and break down. It is critical to keep the AC coils clean so that heat may exchange efficiently without being obstructed by dirt and debris. Dirty coils corrode as well, resulting in refrigerant leakage. A relatively high electricity bill could also be due to filthy AC coils.

How Air Conditioner Coils Get Dirty

You may be wondering how much dirt is enough to affect the function of your air conditioner and how coils become dirty in the first place. For starters, even minute dust or dirt particles on the coils might impact your system. This speck of dirt might reduce the performance of your air conditioner. However, as dust accumulates, the efficiency of the air conditioner decreases. And there are numerous ways for your AC coils to become dirty. For example, if your AC outdoor unit faces a roadway, it’ll be exposed to automobile exhaust. Additionally, leaf particles, dirt, and other natural debris can accumulate on your condenser coil and cause cooling problems. Dust and pet hair can get on the interior evaporator coil, especially if your air filter is dirty.

How Often Should I Clean My AC Coils?

How rapidly they become unclean determines the frequency with which you should clean your air conditioner coils. As previously said, filth and grime can accumulate in various ways. Regardless of your location, we recommend cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils once or twice a year. Keeping the AC coils clean can cut energy consumption and utility expenditures. Unclean evaporator and condenser coils might raise your AC system’s energy consumption by more than 30%.

Get It Done by a Professional

When cleaning the coils, you must hire a qualified AC professional like Split Level Air Conditioning. Cleaning air conditioner coils necessitates some knowledge and experience. To access the coils, you must remove the panels and the exterior shell of your unit. If you’re looking for emergency air conditioning repair London or, more specifically, Split Level Air Conditioning repair if you need to repair your AC unit.