Is Air Conditioning Worth It?

is air conditioning worth it

Is air conditioning worth it? The benefits of air conditioning have led to a surge in demand for air conditioning installation in Surrey. But, is air conditioning worth it? If so, how do you choose the right air conditioner for your home? These are valid questions. In this article, we discuss the benefits of air conditioning and how to go about choosing the best unit for your property with assistance from an air conditioning company in Surrey.

Benefits of Home Air Conditioners – Prevents Heat-Related Death

With global warming, summer temperatures in Surrey and nearby areas too seem to keep on escalating. The absence of proper climate control inside is one of the major contributors to heat-related deaths in the UK. And, the best way to climate control indoor spaces is to install an air conditioner. Lately, more awareness has been created about the subject, which is why there has been an increase in demand for air conditioning installation in Surrey. And, if you are looking for an air conditioning company in Surrey for consultation or installation feel free to contact us.

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Is Air Conditioning Worth It? It Is for Better Air Quality

Air conditioners filter the air that circulates inside, removing pollutants from the air that you breathe. Clean air is infinitely healthier, especially for people with conditions such as asthma or allergies. However, it is important to install the right air conditioner and get the placement right to enjoy purified air. That is why you need to consult an air conditioning engineer before purchasing your home AC unit.

Benefits of Home Air Conditioners – Prevent Electronic Devices from Overheating

AC units double up inefficiency by preventing electronic devices from overheating and subsequent damage. Overheating can damage electronic devices and shorten their lifespan, and sometimes even loss of data.

Is Air Conditioning Worth It? It Is to Protect Furniture

Heat can wreak havoc on your favourite sofa, or make your leather furniture absorb moisture due to humidity. Wood-based furniture can go through warping if they absorb too much moisture. But, if you climate control your home with an air conditioner, you can minimise damage to your furniture.

Is Air Conditioning Worth It? It is for Security

Ceiling cassette and split level air conditioner units allow you to keep your doors and windows shut even on hot summer days, offering better security.

Is Air Conditioning Worth It? It is for Exercise

If you’ve picked up the habit of working out at home during the pandemic, an AC unit can offer the necessary comfort to do so safely without worrying about sweating too profusely and potential health implications.

What are the Best Types of Air Conditioners for Homes?

Central air conditioning works well for large, often commercial properties. However, if you own a small home, freeing up space for a bulky central air conditioning system is going to be difficult. Split level and multi-split AC units on the other hand are much more compact and bypass the need for ducting. Wall-mounted AC units are ideal for climate controlling bedrooms and living rooms. You can choose these in any colour or design to match the interior space in your home. If you have converted your loft into a fancy reading room, leisure area or even a bedroom, you could use a floor-mounted AC unit for that area alone. Floor mounted AC units provide sufficient cooling and heating sans encroaching on wall or window space.

How to Install an Air Conditioner at Home?

First of all, you need to measure the space and determine the right-sized AC unit that would climate control your home effectively. This step is vital, as wrong sized AC units can be ineffective and prone to early damage. While going the DIY route sounds tempting, with an investment like air conditioning, you need to rely on the expert advice and technical knowledge of AC engineers.

How to Maintain a Residential Air Conditioner?

You need to check the air conditioner from time to time and clean the outer space to minimise the buildup of dust and debris. However, all air conditioners require annual servicing for long-lasting efficiency.

Purchasing an air conditioner for your home is a decision that should take much deliberation and information. To request a quote or arrange a visit from one of our air conditioning experts, please use the form below, chat with us or call our office during working hours.