How Often do Air Conditioners Need Servicing?

How often do air conditioners need servicing

How often do air conditioners need servicing? Air conditioned offices and meeting rooms provide comfortable and productive work environments. The good news is that modern air conditioning systems are highly efficient and maintain optimum temperature levels for longer periods. With that being said, they do need to be serviced regularly by a licensed air conditioning technician to maintain peak performance.

How often do air conditioners need servicing?

Air conditioners usually run silently in the background. They improve the air quality of the room for long periods. However, the lifespan and efficiency of any air conditions depends on regular servicing. This is because air conditioners tend to collect dust in the air vents, and attract debris from outside. Generally, the recommended period between services is 12 months. However, there are certain telltale signs to watch out for, if you wish to maintain the desirable air quality.

If the air conditioner sounds noisier than usual, it’s time to look for air conditioning maintenance in Surrey to clean the clogged filters. If you notice that the unit takes longer than usual to cool a room, you need to look for professional air conditioning services. Similarly, if your energy bills suddenly go up, you should seek out air conditioning in London. 

What to look for when checking air conditioning units?

One of the most common problems with air conditioners is lack of proper cleaning. Ideally, you should check your air conditioners in between services to ensure optimum quality. Always check filters for clogs or cleaning needs. Sometimes, simply dusting your AC unit can prevent future problems. In addition, check for leaves or twigs, and remove those if you find any.

You should test your AC by switching it between cooling and heating modes. If you have trouble doing so, that means the system’s reverse valves need to be repaired. And, remember to check the air conditioner for corrosion and rust. You should take care of corrosion and rust immediately before the problem gets worse. While air conditioning servicing and checkups can help maintain your AC in optimal condition, you can conduct regular checks yourself to ensure there are no problems.

How to clean an air conditioner

While it’s necessary to book a professional air conditioner service cleaning unit for your annual servicing and repairs, there are certain things you can do yourself to ensure high performance of your AC unit:

  • Check and clean filters from time to time.
  • Clean the outside of the AC unit (particularly if it has gathered dust), and remove debris and leaves
  • Inspect the pipes for damage. But, it is advisable to contact a professional air conditioning company for repairs.

Moreover, you might need to replace the AC filters from time to time, especially if the environment is dusty or you have pets.

How often do air conditioners need servicing?

It’s easy to forget about the almost silent air conditioner running in the background as you conduct meetings and go ahead with business as usual. But, inefficient air conditioning problems can sneak up on you at the most undesirable of times if you are not careful. Let us take a look at signs that could indicate that your air conditioner needs servicing:

You have used your air conditioner for both heating and cooling for a while

You haven’t used your AC unit in a while

Your air conditioner has become nosier

You spot condensation on the AC unit, or it drips water

Your air conditioner does not appear to cool the room as it used to do

If you notice any of the above signs or conditions, it’s time to look for an air conditioning service in London.Now that you know the answer to your questions such as how often do air conditioners need servicing, and what is involved in maintaining the unit at an optimal level, contact our team to book an AC service call out or contact us for maintenance and service quote.