What Is the Purpose of Air Conditioning?

What Is the Purpose of Air Conditioning?

Keeping your home at the right temperature throughout the year isn’t easy, especially during summer, as your home can quickly become unbearably warm. You might try opening the windows to solve this issue, but this doesn’t always do the job. This is when air conditioning comes to the rescue. So, what is the purpose of air conditioning? 

What Are the Basics of an Air Conditioning System?

A compressor, a condenser coil, and an evaporator coil are the three primary components of an air conditioner. They also use a particular chemical known as refrigerant, which circulates through the system, absorbing and releasing heat. These three components quickly convert the refrigerant from gas to liquid and back to gas.

What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need?

It’s critical to properly size your home’s air conditioner to achieve energy efficiency and effective cooling. A small air conditioning system won’t keep your home cool on the hottest days. On the other hand, an AC system that’s too large will not remove humidity. Contact Split Level Air Conditioning to find the appropriate size AC system for your home or business.

How to Increase the Efficiency of Air Conditioning

The most important thing you can do to enhance efficiency is to seal leaky ducts. Even a well-maintained air conditioner may not produce enough cold air and lose significant energy due to duct leaks. You’ll find numerous products on the market designed especially for insulating ducts. A professional AC contractor can attend to these. Better insulation, such as sealing the doors, windows, and ceiling will also benefit your air conditioners. You can also try to improve the performance of your air conditioner by cleaning or replacing dirty filters. Make it a point to check the airflow and clean the coils. It is also essential to check if the exterior (condenser) unit is not too far out of sight and the airflow isn’t obstructed by leaves or other debris.

In Conclusion

Compared to a decade ago, we’re all experiencing relatively hot temperatures. As the population rises and cars on the roads increase, the outside atmosphere becomes warmer. An efficiently functioning air conditioning unit comes to your rescue to counter this. 

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