What Is the Ideal Temperature for Home Air Conditioning?

What Is the Ideal Temperature for Home Air Conditioning

Is your house or office too hot to work in during the summer? Do you have trouble keeping warm over the winter? Do you end up heating the entire home while only using one room? It’s aggravating and expensive, and we understand how you feel! So, what is the ideal temperature for home air conditioning? Split Level Air Conditioning can assist you in locating the ideal sweet spot. In addition, getting an air conditioner installed in your home is far less expensive than you may expect. As a result, if you search for “domestic air conditioning installers near me,” Split Level Air Conditioning is at the top of the list.

What Is the Ideal Temperature for Home Air Conditioning?

So what temperature should you set your home’s air conditioning to? Of course, it’s down to your personal preference, but the recommended minimum temperature is 18 degrees Celsius, and the maximum temperature is 24 degrees Celsius respectively. But some AC specialists believe it should be set at 23 degrees Celsius as the perfect temperature. Moreover, if you’re searching for “air conditioning repair near me” to get your AC unit back in working order, contact Split Level Air Conditioning. We’re armed with 20 plus years of experience working on air conditioning systems, so there aren’t many situations our team can’t help with.

Will Operating the Air Conditioner in Cold Weather Harm It?

People considering domestic air conditioning systems for their homes may wonder about the coldest temperature for an air conditioner. It is not a good idea to use an air conditioner in cold weather, such as winter. Air conditioners with condensing units are not meant to be used in cold weather. The compressor is lubricated with heavy grade oil. It performs best in warm weather and thickens in cold weather. This means that it will not effectively lubricate the compressors. HVAC manufacturers generally advise consumers not to operate systems for extended periods if the temperature is below 16-18 degrees. Additionally, most modern AC units are fitted with a sensor that prevents the AC system from running in the cold weather, but older units often do not.

In Conclusion

When the summer heat and humidity are at their highest, reducing the temperature right down can be tempting. We all believe this will  compensate for the heat outside. However, the recommended temperature for keeping your air conditioner on is actually greater than you may think. You should seek assistance from an AC specialist such as Split Level Air Conditioning for that purpose. Split Level Air Conditioning can install air conditioning units in Surrey. We specialise in emergency and general air conditioning system repair. We also can install your air conditioning system in London and the neighbouring areas.