How Many Air Conditioning Units Do I Need?

How Many Air Conditioning Units Do I Need?

How Many Air Conditioning Units Do I Need? You’ll want to rely on your air conditioner to keep your home cool in the summer. When the weather outdoors isn’t cooperating, an air conditioner can help you stay relaxed and comfortable. The key to cooling your home interiors will depend on how well your air conditioning system is designed to fit the space of your home.

How Many Air Conditioning Units Do I Need?

We need to consider two factors to answer this question.

What is the Square Footage of Your Home?

The square footage of your home is one of the first factors that will determine how many AC units you require. The inside living space should have one or two AC units based on the exact square footage. If you don’t know the actual square footage, you’ll need to measure each room’s length, width, and height. Alternatively,  your home’s floor plan should specify the exact size of each room in your home.

Do You Have a Single or Two-story Home?

The number of storeys in your home will influence the number of AC units you need. One-storey homes are easier to accommodate, whereas two-storey homes can be more demanding. Why? Because the higher floors tend to get hotter more quickly. Get in touch with Split Level Air Conditioning to establish how many AC units you need based on the square footage of your home.

Does the Size of the AC Matter?

Indeed, the size of the AC unit will factor into how many AC units you need in your home. One may believe that your home will be better cooled by purchasing a larger air conditioner than is required, but this is, in fact, untrue.

According to industry experts, a larger AC unit will increase electricity bills, but it may not cool the house faster or better. Air conditioners will have BTU ratings ranging from 5,000 to 36,000. Of course, the smaller the room, the fewer BTUs are required.

So, how many air conditioning units do I need to experience the comfort I seek?

Determining this is best left to professionals such as Split Level Air Conditioning. Our team of experts can competently calculate the exact number of AC units required for your home.

In Conclusion

While BTUs are essential, there are other factors to consider. After all, you need to know how many air conditioners you need, not just the size. To determine this accurately, speak to Split Level Air Conditioning, a leading air conditioning company in London that does home and office air conditioning repair and installation.  If you’re searching for ‘air conditioning fitter near me,’ we come out right on top!