Do Basements Need Air Conditioning?

Do Basements Need Air Conditioning

Even though the basement of a house is substantially cooler than the other levels due to its placement almost underground, many homeowners do not use air conditioning. Do basements need air conditioning? Yes, if you’ve utilised this area to entertain guests or as a playroom for your children. Basements can get pretty warm, especially in the summer, so why not consider installing air conditioning? Furthermore, if you use your basement for storage and want to keep specific objects safe, AC is necessary. After all, the environment has a significant impact on preserving precious and rare things.

Do Basements Need Air Conditioning? Yes, if They’re Part of Your Living Space

To begin with, chilling the basement might aid in keeping the rest of the house cool. After all, the cool rises to the other areas of the home. In addition, for the same reasons mentioned above, you may need to cool down the basement during the hot summer months to protect some stored items. Contact Split Level Air Conditioning immediately if you have particular questions regarding whether or not you should consider cooling a basement. We’ve been providing home heating and air conditioning service and air conditioning maintenance in London for over 20 years. We walk the talk and have extensive experience in basement cooling.

Why Should the Basement Be Cooled?

Moisture is the most crucial reason to ventilate basements, as nearly all of them are susceptible to its effects. If your basement is left without cool or heated air throughout the winter, it can become a breeding ground for mould spores, strong odours, and other dangerous pollutants. Because it’s low to the ground, it’s vulnerable to dampness and air seeping through wall and floor fissures. Condensation occurs when this cold air comes into contact with the warmer air in the basement. This creates ideal circumstances for mould and mildew growth. Cool air ensures that the basement receives a steady supply of clean, fresh air, which prevents condensation and other secondary issues. 

Why Should Finished Basements Be Cooled?

Suppose your basement lacks windows, or the current ones are insufficient for delivering proper ventilation. In that case, you may need to install a cooling system for the safety and health of the occupants. You can only appreciate your finished basement living space if it’s cool and pleasant. Split Level Air Conditioning can assist you in sizing and installing the appropriate air conditioning unit to produce the ideal environment for your basement. We also offer air conditioning repair in Surrey and a mobile air conditioning service.

To Summarise

With a good source of cold air during the summer, your once stale basement will become more comfortable and habitable, much like the living space above. Constant airflow prevents stagnation or stale air, resulting in fewer mould spores and germs forming on basement walls. With the cool air, you may turn your basement into an extension of your home and use it to save the great memories of the year.